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"Just Us" Specialty Acts


How about an authentic Caribbean
Island band? "No problem mon."

Our Caribbean Bands have been with Just Us Orchestras
for over 15 years. All the members of the bands are from
the Caribbean Islands ... The group(s) can be from
a single musician to a five piece band.

Let's listen to a few of tunes they've recorded:
(Just click on any tune. It may take a minute to load for 56k modem users.)

Don't Worry Be Happy    Day-O (the banana boat song)

All Day All Night Mary Ann   Shame and Scandal in the Family


A Mariachi Band?
We have only the very best!
Our Mariachi bands play all the authentic tunes!

Let's just listen to a small sample of how they sound.
(Just click on the tune. It may take a minute to load for 56k modem users.)

Mexican Hat Dance


Chamber Music Ensemble

How would I use a Chamber Music Ensemble? 
A common question ... The answer is quite simple. You would
use the Chamber Music Ensemble to add that touch of "Class"
to your special affair ... How about this type of group playing the
music for your wedding ceremony? This type group is perfect
for background music as your guests are sipping cocktails ...
They can also provide beautiful dinner music.
Add that touch of "class" to your affair and consider ...
Chamber Music.
Let's listen to a few selections recorded by a Chamber Music Ensemble.
(Just click on the tune. It may take a minute to load for 56k modem users.)

Canon by Pachelbel       Bridal March by Wagner
Wedding March by Mendelssohn     Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke
Trumpet  Tune by Purcell      Erev Shel Shoshanim
Dodi Li     Simontov Mazeltov

If you are considering a String Ensemble for a wedding ceremony only:
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All other types of affairs ... Please continue to see
other options available for your cocktail or dinner music.

We also offer many other options insofar as
"Chamber Music"

Harp & Flute

A solo Harpist
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The list goes on and on. We have the music you need
and we send only the best musicians.

Speaking of the music you need here are just a few more examples :

Dixieland Bands

Polka anyone?


A Polynesian Review


Indian Flutist?

Only kidding about the Snake Charmer. (Our insurance
doesn't cover that act.)
Just wanted to see if you were
paying attention!

Now that we're sure you're still with us ...
The name of our company is "Just Us Orchestras."
At first glance you may assume the name is a bit preposterous.
You think; "This company doesn't really offer an "Orchestra!" 
Wrong ... We have onboard the finest orchestra in South Florida.
"The Magic City Philharmonic Pops Orchestra" 


Imagine having an entire orchestra perform for your wedding, corporate party,
or charity event! Your first thought is; "We just can't afford that!" Wrong again ...
Through a special agreement with "Just Us Orchestras" you'll find that the price
is Very Reasonable! We can put together an entertainment package that your guests
will talk about for years to come!

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For more information about the:
"The Magic City Philharmonic Pops Orchestra"
 click here:
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Let Just Us Orchestras design an
entertainment package just for you!

The "Ultimate" for a Wedding, Corporate or Charity Event:
Just click on the links to see what's available for your affair.

Wedding: Use the Chamber Music Ensemble  for your ceremony.
Wedding, Corporate or Charity Event: Chamber Music or other options for cocktails.

For Dinner: Have the entire Orchestra present a program that fits the occasion.

After Dinner Dance: Dance the night away with Mykel Sena's Band.
Now that's an "Affair to Remember" 

We can provide a complete entertainment package for any affair.
We haven't included the kitchen sink yet ... But we're working on it!
Why not have "Just Us Orchestras" construct a complete affordable package
for your special event?

Any Questions? Just give us a ring or drop an e-mail:

Phone: (954) 974-9545

Just  Us Orchestras
7401 Wiles Road #121
Coral Springs, Florida  33063
Or E-mail:
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All Specialty Acts provided by a licensed T.A.

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